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New Angel Pillow

The breast pillow is a full body pillow open at the breast area, designed for women with breast cancer undergoing surgery, nursing moms, and large-breasted women. It allows women to sleep on their stomach or get a massage without the breast area being compressed or injured. It straightens the spine from chest to thigh, and is tapered so legs can extend comfortably. This pillow is infused with love and a guardian Angel. 

Angel Wing Scarves

Wrap yourself in the loving arms of your Guardian Angels. Delicately crafted silk and cashmere scarves, detailed with incredible works of art by Shovava. 


I just had the best massage I have ever had thanks to my new pillow!  I had no discomfort and I was able to breathe.   My masseuse was able to apply more pressure, because I never felt the chest pain and constriction I usually feel when firmer pressure is applied. This pillow is life changing. Thank you so much! 

Thank-you so much! It fits beautiful and looks great. Great Job! And thanks for the hard work! 

I received my Breasts Pillow today. I cannot thank you enough for ensuring I got it in time for my surgery. I have no words to express my gratitude. I absolutely love it!

I'm happy the product finally arrived, and I'm enjoying it. Thanks a lot. Take care.

My girlfriend got it today and absolutely loves it!
Thank you for making such an awesome pillow.

I just love this pillow. I am having the most glorious massages now. I am also using the pillow to transition from stomach sleeping to side sleeping during the night and the pillow props me up from behind so I don’t roll onto my back and start snoring.

I can’t believe how comfortable these bras are. I have been wearing them for 4 years now. When I, sometimes, wear a normal bra, as soon as I get home I can’t wait to switch back to my more comfortable Jane or Kate’s bra - How is it that us women can go so many decades in uncomfortable bras, pinching, pulling, pressing - what for?