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About Us

 Firstly, Angel Being donates some of the proceeds to charities for women and children. We are a business with a big heart and we thank-you for being apart of this universal exchange. 



Over the last decade, I’ve finally learned to trust my true self and my calling.

I was raised by my mother, aunt and grandmother in a small town in South Africa. They were strong and intuitive women, who exposed me to other cultures and ways of being. I fell in love with philosophy, religion, aromatic food and people’s personal stories.

Taking charge of my health in my teens helped me to learn to listen to my intuition about my body. Then I took charge of my destiny, leaving home to explore the world in my 20’s. I faced many challenges. I rode literal storms. I sought the sun; I kept reading and reading. I cried, and I sailed that river of tears into my own fierce depths. I discovered my voice.

Despite my interest in spirituality, I didn’t feel directly connected to the divine. I had picked up the belief that someone else had to connect me—that we, the angels and God and I, were all separate entities. Ancient traditions and modern science alike tell us that is isn’t so, that we are more connected than we know, energetically.

And, I thought that angels were only myths, even while I enjoyed the loving presence created by imagining them. Then my children changed everything.

When my son was 2, he drew a surprisingly sweet picture full of smiley faces. He brought it to me and declared: "All mommy’s Angels." I looked at the little figure he was pointing to that was me (with the long arms) and lots of little faces going up the page, smaller and smaller.

He said those were all my angels. I was blown away by this innocently delivered statement. We’d never talked about angels or religion at home. I immediately felt a relaxing warmth moving through my body as I realized that I truly was supported in a divine sense, and this declaration from a 2 yr old was all the proof I needed. 

My spiritual path now also moves in the direction of the Angelic realm as well as other intuitive and self empowering ways of "Being" . I felt drawn to creating this company for this reason. Perhaps I can remind people about this loving knowledge. I think we’re all born with it, but we get conditioned out of it. We learn separation, and that worthiness is based on external measures. The truth is, we are not alone and we all deserve help. We just have to ask—and connect to this spiritual grail. Angel Being is here to help you remember how.

I pour my loving intention into these physical products. I asked the very atoms to carry an energetic level of grace that goes beyond my understanding of ordinary matter. Numerous spiritual belief systems, both ancient and modern, believe that there are angels here to help and guide us. Connecting with them increases our healing and loving power, for ourselves and everyone around us.

Each item we offer is imprinted with our Angel Being logo, which I carefully designed around sacred geometry infused with love and an angelic vibration for your healing. My deepest wish is to bring love and health into your life, wrapping you in gentle arms just when you need them.



Life is journey of growth and evolution through love. Angels can guide us and help us channel our own healing and inner powers. Our wish is to open your perception and offer understanding on your daily journey, especially as you go through challenges, loss, and trauma.

All our products are hand selected and crafted with highest quality materials via sustainable, fair-trade sources, and they are each imbued with highest vibrational loving intention of the human heart. As you are nurtured by these products we offer, in turn it helps you nurture others.

My children showed me that I have angels living all around. There’s no one I believe more than them. My life has been transformed by this knowing. My call is to attend to your miraculous human body with comfort, understanding, and love. We all go through transitions and stages. As with the butterfly, change can be utter, and complete.

Each change is also a chance to evolve. As I have evolved by tending to the restoration and well-being of everything around me, so will you transform as you receive my intention for you and open yourself to the power of a deep, caring, divinely inspired self love.

It seems a simple thing, but for now, it's my personal mission—seeing what’s here, knowing what’s possible, and choosing what to believe in.


I’ve always felt called to healing. Breasts are important in a woman’s life, to her identity. While I was still breastfeeding, I found a lump. I panicked. I had an ultrasound screening; it happened to fall on the same day I met with a business owner of a pillow called Comfy Breasts.

I felt paralyzed with fear before the ultrasound and worried about who would look after my little ones if they diagnosed cancer. Fortunately, it came back negative. But my relationship to those pillows changed. It became more important for me support widespread healing. The best way I knew to help people was to bring the healing and presence of angels and gently awaken other women to their power.

We know things exist that we cannot see. There are sounds that vibrate beyond our range, lights and colors not visible to our spectrum. The more we connect inward to the knowing of our own soul, and outward to the web of life that surrounds us, the more resources, possibilities, and energies become available to us. This is the simple but real power of loving connection.

Each pillow has a logo that I carefully designed myself around sacred geometry, downloaded with the vibrational intention of love from the angelic realm. Every time you see our logo, know that your loving Angels are there waiting for you to connect, if you so wish.