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The full-body breast pillow is open at the chest, specially designed for women with breast cancer, undergoing surgery, nursing moms, and large-breasted women. It allows women to rest on their stomach or receive massage therapy without compressing or injuring delicate breasts and breast area. Straightens the spine from chest to thigh, tapered to allow legs to extend comfortably.

Each pillow is carefully crafted here in California by our local employees under strict environmental guidelines. The covering is made with highest quality, sustainably sourced 100% cotton. We use only CertiPur Foam. Available in two sizes: 20” width for cup size A-DDD, and 24” width for cup size EE-J.

When we can rest in comfort, we access deeper healing; we open hearts, say prayers and mantras, connect with angels. These pillows provide a tender and guarded space for this sacred tissue around your heart. Whether or not you see or believe in the angels, you can know that the very real though invisible energies of my heart are bending with love toward your well-being. Ask your guardian Angel to go with you on your journey of healing and recovery. During times of transition with emotional and physical trauma, people need support - their family members, especially the children too.




I’ve always felt called to healing. Breasts are important in a woman’s life, to her identity. While I was still breastfeeding, I found a lump. I panicked. I had an ultrasound screening; it happened to fall on the same day I met with a business owner of a pillow called Comfy Breasts.

I felt paralyzed with fear before the ultrasound and worried about who would look after my little ones if they diagnosed cancer. Fortunately, it came back negative. But my relationship to those pillows changed. It became more important for me support widespread healing. The best way I knew to help people was to bring the healing and presence of angels and gently awaken other women to their power.

Each pillow has a logo that I carefully designed myself around sacred geometry, downloaded with the vibrational intention of love from the angelic realm, done remotely using theta healing.

I used to make the pillows by hand in my studio/garage - sewing, cutting, shaping and packing. Finally I found a wonderful bedding manufacturer in California to take over the process for me. With this change came some improvements since in was Called the ComfyBreast Pillow invented by Mr Riley, when it was featured on the The Ellen Show -Dec13th 2014, "Good Day Sacramento" Morning News - June 3rd 2013, "The Doctors" on CBS - Sept 24, 2013. We have helped many women through the journey of Breast Cancer, augmentation surgery, sleeping with larger breasts and nursing moms. Some women use it for massage, whilst others use it to transition to different and more beneficial sleeping positions such as side sleeping. Shop now.

We know things exist that we cannot see. There are sounds that vibrate beyond our range, lights and colors not visible to our spectrum. The more we connect inward to the knowing of our own soul, and outward to the web of life that surrounds us, the more resources, possibilities, and energies become available to us. This is the simple but real power of loving connection.